Let's Download

Pixieset is an amazing photo sharing software I use to share your photos! It’s very user-friendly and you can even shop your images straight from my website. If you decide to print on your own, PLEASE be sure to download images on your personal computer, then upload those images to a photo printer website. Do not, I repeat, do not screenshot your photos from Pixieset. The quality is compromised. The Pixieset software recognizes what type of device is being used to download them. So, by downloading images on your computer, they will be in higher resolution which will make for better quality prints. If you download images on your phone, and upload to a photo printer website (by phone), they will be in a very low and poor quality and the prints will not turn out as well.


If you want to download the entire collection, first you'll simply click on the Download icon shown at the top right of the Gallery view. Next provide your email address. Lastly, choose the download size. For printing you'll want to choose high resolution.

For Single Photo Download, you can either hover over the photo and click the Download button while it’s still in gallery viewing mode.

OR you can click the image you want to download and click on the Download Icon located on the individual image you would like to download.


On a mobile device you will need to individually select which images you wish to download. Once you have clicked on the image you wish to download, simply click on the download icon to begin downloading the image.

Once you’ve click the Download Icon, a window will appear for you to provide your email address. Once your email is provided, sign in. Another window will appear explaining the image will open in a new window, simply select OK to move on. Next you'll press down on the image with your finger on your mobile device, until the Save Add to Photos  message box/option appears. Now your photo is in your camera photo roll.

*It's not currently possible to allow the full Collection to be downloaded to a mobile device; any full Gallery or multi-image downloads must be completed using a desktop or laptop computer.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any issues or questions!